About Us

Experienced people can have a hard time finding work, while exciting startups have a hard time finding the right expertise

At StepNW our mission is to change that!

StepNW was started by Mike Kelly, an entrepreneur who experienced first-hand the challenge of having to find experienced people for a startup. Once he started hearing from friends, who had tremendous talents, being laid off, the light bulb went off. Why not bridge the gap between experienced workers and the startups that needed their expertise?

That's what StepNW does.

We give people an opportunity to share their experience with dozens of Northwest startups, both small and large. And the startups can see firsthand the qualifications these people bring to the table. And it's free for both the job seekers and the startups.

StepNW is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easier for experienced people find jobs and income by joining startups, who need a variety of skills.