Frequently Asked Questions

The program works by taking your resume, stripping away any personal info and making your areas of expertise visible to startups. Everything is completely confidential and because Step NW is a not for profit service organization, we're only driven to make connections between talented people and organizations who need them.

Getting started is a 3 step process:

1. Submit your resume. All your personal information will be stripped out before anything else happens.

2. Edit your profile. It is available to both candidates and startups at no cost and gives you visibility to startups.

3. If there's a match, we'll contact you for permission to proceed. Only after you've ok'd it do we share your personal info.

Yes! All of your personal information is safe. The only information that we share is your work history and achievements. Furthermore, we only share that with employers looking for people with your talents.

Jobvention is a software startup focused on helping businesses hire people. They have graciously donated the use of their platform to help get people back to work. If you're interested in getting employed, submit your resume and Jobvention will provide you an anonymous email for your resume. Your name will be hidden, just your work history and skills will be searchable. Employers that search the database and think you are a good fit, can reach out to you via the anonymous email address they assign you. You then decide which employers you want to reveal yourself to. Your information is never distributed without your consent and your information is never sold.

No. Enrolling just allows us to begin the process of getting you visible and assessing where best fits exist. There is no cost or commitment on your part.

It depends. If you are not thinking about new opportunities then this might not be the most ideal site for you. If you are already working StepNW is idea for you if:

a) you are looking for some small contract work to supplement your income

b) if you think you will become unemployed in the foreseeable future

c) you are considering career change, specifically with a local technology startup

While our primary focus is on startups, we also work with a number of larger tech employers. They use our service as another way to find potential candidates for job openings at their companies.

StepNW is made up of members from the startup & tech community who decided to help unite the Pacific Northwest tech community and it's talented workforce. We learned that while experienced people can have a hard time finding work, there are lots of solid startups who are having a hard time finding the right expertise. But there was nothing to link these two groups effectively. We want to help people caught in layoffs find jobs and we want the startup community to thrive.

We're doing this because we feel it is necessary. We are NOT making any money off of you or the startups we serve. Unlike employment or recruiting agencies, we are not a middleman. We are a resource for you and for companies looking for people like you.

Access to the candidate profiles is free for any startup in the StepNW program. There are no restrictions on hiring, we encourage it. Just email us at and we will get you access to the system and provide you with assistance on how to use it.

Yes! You are one of the people whose situation inspired the creation of Step NW.

Of course. While our initial project was inspired by layoffs, we strongly believe in helping anyone interested in a startup to take their next step.

We would prefer that you pay the people you hire from our profiles, but there are no fees or payments to us for doing so. We want people to find opportunities and we want startups to find great people.

No. Developers make up a good part of the community, but they are by no means the only people in the tech field. We help people find jobs in the various business, design and content fields as well as others.

Not to worry! Startups recognize they don't have people with the expertise and experience they need in all areas. People just starting out won't be able to provide the level of insight or stability a more experienced person brings to the table.

The Northwest is one of the quickest growing tech communities, and startups are a central part of that. While we do have larger, established companies working with us, startups are the ones in the most urgent need of experienced employees. Startups need good talent, and we aim to provide it.

Not all of the startups can pay; some are looking for interns who can volunteer their time and talents. If you're looking to bridge the time between jobs or are looking at a career change, these positions can help. And lots of people have transitioned from volunteer to paying jobs at startups this way.

Not all startups are broke. Some are growing at a very rapid rate and others have received money from investors. They want to be sure they're spending their money wisely by hiring experienced people.

Absolutely! Most startups are flexible and would welcome the help you can provide.

You can use both. The difference is that StepNW is totally free for both parties (individuals and the startups) and is primarily focused on the Pacific Northwest startup community.